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IV Hydration in Denver, CO

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IV Hydration & IM Shots

Whether you’re fighting altitude sickness in Denver, a hangover, or simply looking for a way to boost your immune system by adding more nutrients and vitamins into your body, there’s no faster way to accomplish any of these than through IV hydration.

Our goal at Beautiful Skin Denver Medspa & IV Hydration Studio is to always make you feel your best from the inside out.

IV Hydration Infusion Packages:

Standard IV Hydration - $89

Hydration then build your own add-ins.

Helps with: Dehydration, stomach flu, diarrhea, vomiting, dry mouth, muscle cramps, constipation, fatigue, and headache.

IDKChoose at time of visit - $89

Immune Boost - $129

Feeling under the weather? Getting ready to travel? This IV allows your body to better defend itself against viruses to help you recover more quickly.

Helps with: Fatigue, upset stomach, headache, foggy thinking, muscle aches/pains.

Weight Loss Booster - $149

This IV has an essential blend of vitamins and minerals that will stimulate your metabolism and help shed those pesky pounds getting in the way of that favorite pair of jeans or two-piece swimsuit.

Altitude Relief - $129

This IV is specifically designed for anyone who needs some quick and efficient recovery from the higher altitude we have here in Denver. A mix of B-Complex vitamins (including B-12), and amino acids to help oxygenate muscles to fight fatigue.

Performance - $149

Accelerate muscle recovery or assist with cramping. Our own Custom Blend B-Complex, Glutathione, Magnesium, Amino Acids & More.

Helps with: Boost athletic performance, increase strength, reduce fatigue, and shorten recovery time.

Hangover Relief - $129

Getting ready to go out in Denver or had too much fun the night before?! This is what you need! This IV contains important electrolytes which help to rehydrate while aiding in the relief of your hangover symptoms.

**Zofran or Toradol available with Doctors orders**

Helps with: hangover, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, headache, brain fog, and dry mouth.

Beautiful Skin Booster - $159

Our blend of vitamins & minerals gives you your best skin! Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that helps repair cellular damage caused by the free radicals that damage skin cells.

Helps with: Fine lines and wrinkles, increased skin pigmentation, dull skin appearance, and dry skin.

Myers Cocktail - $159

Named after Dr. John Myers – formulation to help enhance the immune system, reduce fatigue, and treat many other chronic conditions. It is used to help support optimal thinking, concentration, and function.

Helps with: Overall Health, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, immune system dysfunction, chronic pain, chronic stress, chronic exposure to toxins, heavy metal toxicity, hormonal imbalances, and nutrient deficiencies from prescription medications.

NAD+ - $295+

NAD+: (NAD) is an amino acid found in every cell in your body and is responsible for aging. NAD+ is a central metabolic coenzyme involved in cellular energy metabolism and energy production.

What is NAD+ used for? Essential in metabolic function, slowing aging process, promoting athletic function, and boosting brain repair & function.

IV/IM Add-Ons | $30

  • MIC+
  • L Carnitine
  • Tri-Amino
  • Vitamin D3
  • Folic Acid
  • Co-Enzyme Q10
  • B Complex
  • Vitamin B12
  • Glutathione

We Offer Memberships

All Memberships must be purchased in person. Minimum 3-month commitment.


  • $99 monthly
  • Any IV Bag up to a $129 value
  • 25% Off an Additional Bag
  • 10% off Esthetic Services


  • $125 Monthly
  • Any IV Bag up to $159 Value
  • + One B12 or D3 Shot Per Month
  • 30% Off an Additional Bag
  • 15% Off Esthetics Services


  • $199 Monthly
  • Any Two IV Bags up to $159 Value or 1 NAD + (250 mg)
  • Add on Either Two B12 or D3 Shot Per Month
  • 20% Off Esthetic Services at Time of IV Hydration or Botox $10/unit
  • 35% Off an Additional Bag

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