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How Can IV Hydration Help You?


Whether you’re fighting a cold or trying to get more nutrients and vitamins into your body, there’s no faster way to accomplish either of those tasks than through IV hydration infusions.



We at Beautiful Skin Denver Medspa & IV Hydration Studio love to make you feel your best inside and out and that is why we have recently added IV Hydration infusions to our services.



Transforming your skin is more than facials and peels (though these are important and can be of great help!) it all starts with how you take care of your body, most importantly how well you hydrate and take the vitamins your body needs.



Though we have numerous IV hydration packages available to suit anybody, we wanted to highlight our top 2 favorites, especially during the cold winter months in Denver, Colorado.



What is IV Hydration?



IV Hydration short for Intravenous Hydration is a treatment that delivers fluids directly into your bloodstream.



Different IV hydration packages offer different things such as minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, amino acids and more. By hitting your bloodstream directly, IV hydration enters your body faster than oral medication would and can start moving through your body faster, leaving you feeling better quicker.



What is an Immune Boost IV Infusion?



Did you know that vitamins and medications are taken orally only deliver 20-50% of their intended dose? This is because they have to move through your digestive system before they can truly start working.



If you’re worried about getting sick or already feeling under the weather, then our immune boost IV hydration package may be just what you need!



Since IV hydration is inserted directly into your bloodstream your body can absorb up to 90% of the dose as opposed to the 50% from oral medication.



It’s important to take care of our bodies especially as we approach the holiday season during a continuous pandemic. As we start to think about traveling to see our friends and families, our immune system can be compromised. Use our immune boost before and after your travel plans to help with fatigue, upset stomachs, headaches, foggy thinking and muscle aches/pains among other things.



Recent studies are suggesting that boosting your system with Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D3 (All of the vitamins our Immune Boost contains!) may reduce the symptoms associated with COVID-19 along with wearing masks, hand washing and maintaining social distancing.



Don’t ruin your holiday season with a weak immune system. If you’re feeling under the weather or simply want to make sure you’re receiving all the vitamins you can to keep you healthy, book an IV hydration appointment at our Denver location today!



What is NAD+ and how can it benefit you?



Want to keep your skin looking youthful? We have you covered with our NAD+ IV Hydration infusion.



NAD+ is an amino acid found in every cell in our bodies and is responsible for aging. It is a central metabolic coenzyme involved in cellular energy metabolism and energy production.



Our bodies constantly need to synthesize NAD+ to perform essential processes such as DNA repair, gene expression, calcium signaling, and much more. In order to carry out these essential functions, NAD+ works with proteins, known as “sirtuins” that aid in regulating cell health, including aging.



Unfortunately, as we age our bodies produce less and less NAD+.



Here is where our NAD+ IV infusion can help!



NAD+ is used for metabolic function, slowing the aging process, promoting athletic function, boosting brain repair & function and so much more! By adding NAD+ straight into your system we will make sure you’re receiving the most out of its impact.



Come try our NAD+ infusion today!



IV Hydration Services in Denver Colorado



IV hydration has numerous benefits and can help your skin and body feel its best! At Beautiful Skin Denver Medspa & IV Hydration Studio you can find the right IV hydration infusion for you to keep you feeling your best every day.



Ready to start feeling your best? Come try an IV Bag and get 25% off your first visit! Book your appointment today.


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