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Acne - Condition

At our dermatology clinic, we adopt an integrated approach to treating acne, emphasizing comprehensive care that goes beyond mere medication. We understand that acne is not simply a surface skin issue; it is a complex condition influenced by a myriad of internal and external factors. Our goal is to uncover and address the root causes of your acne, providing a tailored treatment that respects your unique skin and health profile. By focusing on these underlying factors, we aim to offer a customized treatment plan that aligns with your individual needs, ensuring effective and lasting solutions.

Understanding Acne

Acne is a multifaceted skin condition that can stem from hormonal imbalances, genetics, diet, stress, and improper skincare routines. It manifests as different types of blemishes, including blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and sometimes, painful cysts. Recognizing these factors is crucial in developing an effective treatment plan.

Our Approach to Acne Treatment

We are committed to a comprehensive strategy in managing acne. This means we do not rely solely on medications like antibiotics and accutane. Instead, we consider all potential contributing factors, from internal health to lifestyle and skincare habits. Our approach is personalized, ensuring that each patient receives a treatment plan that addresses their specific needs.

The Role of Internal Health

Internal health plays a significant role in the condition of your skin. Issues like hormonal imbalances, poor nutrition, and stress can all trigger or exacerbate acne. We delve into these aspects through detailed discussions and assessments, ensuring that our treatment plans are holistic and effective.

Importance of Proper Skincare

Skincare is paramount in managing acne. Our clinic provides guidance on establishing a skincare routine that complements your skin type and condition. We emphasize the use of products that are non-comedogenic and suited to acne-prone skin, helping to prevent future breakouts and maintain clear, healthy skin. Medication and Treatments.

While medication is sometimes necessary, it is not our first or only solution. We consider a range of treatments, from topical applications to light therapy, depending on the severity and type of acne. Our focus is on safe, effective treatments that yield long-term benefits, avoiding aggressive options like accutane.

Consultation Process

During your 30-minute consultation with Maggie, you will explore the various factors affecting your acne. This comprehensive evaluation allows us to craft a multifaceted treatment plan tailored to your specific needs, focusing on sustainable, clear skin results.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Beautiful Skin Denver means opting for a compassionate, holistic approach to acne treatment. We prioritize understanding the full picture of your health and skin condition to provide the most effective, personalized care possible. Our patients' success stories reflect our commitment to not just treating acne but transforming lives.

Ready to tackle your acne with a comprehensive, personalized approach?

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Beautiful, Clearer Skin

While many people might think of acne as a mild concern, individuals who have lasting or severe acne know all too well how it can affect self-image and confidence. If you've tried over-the-counter acne treatments and haven't found relief, we invite you to schedule a skin assessment and consultation at Beautiful Skin Denver to learn how professional acne care can help. Our Denver, CO skin care specialists are committed to helping you find a lasting solution for acne.

Melissa and Jenna are amazing. I’ve been seeing Jenna the last few years for maintenance facials, hormonal acne, and clearlift treatments. Jenna has been such a gift for my hormonal acne. She’s recommended the best products (without ever being pushy) that have made my chin completely clear up. She’s so knowledgeable and genuinely cares. I’d recommend Jenna and Beautiful Skin to anyone.

M.G. Google

I have had amazing experience with Stephanie! She is working with me to dissolve some lip filler that I had received from another medspa. When I went to Beautiful Skin, Stephanie and her team took their time with me, made sure to numb me, and were very kind and compassionate.

P.C. Google

Every provider is absolutely incredible. I visit Beautiful Skin Denver multiple times a year - facials and hair removal with Jenna and Leigha, injections and treatments with Stephanie and thoughtful consultation from Melissa. I cannot recommend this place enough. I feel like they focus on enhancing my natural features and never over-sell me.

R.S. Google

I recently had Dysport from Stephanie. She did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend her!

K.G. Google

Stephanie is the absolute best! She takes the time to work with you about what you want, provides excellent advice, and pays attention to detail. 10/10 recommend for botox!!!

A.D. Google


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