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Will I Experience Swelling After Laser Hair Removal?


It's no secret that laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available. But like any other treatment at Beautiful Skin Denver, it's essential to understand potential risks and side effects beforehand.

In this blog post, licensed esthetician Melissa Johnson will give you a better understanding of laser hair removal side effects and tips on how to make recovery as smooth as possible. Call our Denver, CO facility to schedule your treatment and see why countless people choose us for their aesthetic needs.

Who is a candidate for laser hair removal?

When methods like shaving and waxing cause razor burns and ingrown hairs, Beautiful Skin Denver may recommend laser hair removal. We offer the Harmony XL PRO device, which achieves smooth skin for most areas of your body. The good news is most men and women are candidates for laser treatment, including light and dark-skinned individuals no matter their hair thickness. Please inform our team if you have conditions, like psoriasis or vitiligo, as this may impact your results.

What laser hair removal side effects should I expect?

Laser hair removal side effects some times include some redness and swelling. Symptoms may feel uncomfortable at first but should not derail your day. Swelling is especially mild when compared to other methods, like sugaring or waxing.

There are ways to reduce unwanted side effects and hasten recovery. Beautiful Skin Denver team may provide detailed guidelines and instructions, such as:

  • Avoid sun exposure: This will reduce your risk of skin damage and irritation. Sunscreen is another way to protect yourself against harmful UV rays.

  • Avoid hot baths and steam rooms: Heat will only exacerbate swelling and redness. Try to avoid excess heat for at least 24 hours after laser treatment.

  • Avoid plucking or waxing the treated area: These activities can disrupt the recovery process as well as results.

  • Apply cold compresses: A cool pack can soothe your skin and reduce inflammation. Keep one in your refrigerator or freezer to use after your appointment.

How does Beautiful Skin Denver help with swelling?

Beautiful Skin Denver is excited to provide advanced tools and technologies that make treatment easy and comfortable. For instance, our Harmony XL PRO laser uses gradual heating to damage hair follicles while protecting the surrounding skin. Additionally, contact cooling prevents burns and allows for a more relaxing session. Many of our clients in Denver even prefer laser treatments to alternatives, like waxing and plucking.

What results should I expect from laser hair removal?

Results vary based on the individual, but most people see a significant reduction in hair growth after 6 – 10 sessions. While Beautiful Skin Denver offers uses groundbreaking technology for laser hair removal solutions, some regrowth is to be expected over time. Our team can develop a long-term maintenance plan to help you achieve the best possible outcomes. We are happy to review this with you at the time of your appointment.

Remove unwanted hair with few side effects

Unwanted hair can affect your self-esteem and confidence. If you are considering laser hair removal in Denver, CO, call Beautiful Skin Denver for a consultation. Our team of registered nurses and licensed estheticians are happy to answer any questions you have about the Harmony XL PRO or potential side effects. You can also visit our website for information. We can help you look your best without painful waxing or plucking.

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