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How to Tighten Loose Facial Skin with Laser Treatments

By: Our Team


At Beautiful Skin Denver, we've seen the impact that loose facial skin can have on our clients' self-esteem. With the march of time and the effects of environmental factors, skin laxity is a natural concern. That's why we're pleased to offer groundbreaking skin tightening treatments for Denver, CO men and women to help them address loose facial skin and regain their youthful glow.

What causes loose facial skin?

Loose facial skin is often a natural consequence of aging, though other factors can play a role. As we get older, our skin's production of collagen and elastin — proteins responsible for skin elasticity and firmness — slows down. In addition to aging, skin laxity can also be caused by lifestyle habits, environmental pollutants, and sun damage. At Beautiful Skin Denver, we're excited to offer revolutionary nonsurgical solutions to resurface the skin and create a healthier, uplifted appearance.

How can ClearLift® be used to treat skin laxity?

ClearLift laser treatments work by projecting light energy deep beneath the surface to stimulate collagen and elastin production, resulting in tighter, firmer skin. The entire procedure takes roughly 20 minutes with no downtime, making it a quick and convenient laser treatment for loose skin.

How does Erbium laser skin resurfacing work for loose facial skin?

Erbium laser skin resurfacing is another effective treatment we offer for loose facial skin. This procedure uses a state-of-the-art Erbium laser to remove the outermost layer of the skin, stimulating the production of new skin cells. The resurfacing process promotes the growth of healthy, firmer skin to replace damaged or worn layers. Just like ClearLift laser treatments, Erbium laser skin resurfacing is noninvasive, and while the recovery period may vary, it is typically minimal, making it a popular choice for skin tightening among our Denver, CO clients.

Are there any other benefits to laser skin treatments?

Besides addressing loose facial skin, advanced treatments like ClearLift and Erbium laser skin resurfacing offer numerous other benefits for your complexion. They can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhance skin texture, and create a more even skin tone. Furthermore, as these treatments stimulate collagen production, you'll notice ongoing improvements in your skin's firmness and elasticity over time — so the benefits extend well beyond the treatment itself.

Laser skin tightening in Denver, CO

At Beautiful Skin Denver, we're serious about helping our clients rediscover their confidence, which is why we're thrilled to offer some of the most innovative laser treatments for loose skin. We invite anyone seeking to restore their skin's youthful firmness and glow to discover the transformative power of our med spa's ClearLift and Erbium laser treatments. Contact our skin care providers in Denver, CO to schedule your consultation and embark on your journey toward tighter, more radiant skin.

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