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Can Laser Treatments Effectively Treat Melasma?

By: Our Team


Melasma is a common condition that causes tan, brown, or gray patches to appear on the face. It's commonly seen in women, especially during pregnancy or while taking hormonal birth control pills. While dark spots don't pose health risks, they can be a source of self-consciousness. Instead of covering them up with makeup, many people in Denver, CO, are turning to laser treatments for clearer and brighter skin.

Beautiful Skin Denver offers advanced technologies like ClearLift™ to produce results. Call now to learn how we can help you get rid of melasma. Our staff is passionate about helping clients achieve their beauty goals.

What does melasma look like?

Melasma is defined by an overproduction of melanin. Though triggered by hormone changes, factors like sun exposure and genetics also play a significant role. In some cases, stress and certain medications also contribute to dark spots.

When melasma appears, it presents as irregular patches of pigmentation, usually in the mid-face. These patches range from light brown to dark gray in color and vary in size and shape. Many people turn to cosmetics to temporarily conceal these patches, but makeup only offers a short-term fix.

How can laser treatments help?

Laser treatments are a far more effective way to reduce melasma. ClearLift emits short yet powerful bursts of light to break apart unwanted pigmentation so it can be naturally removed by the body. This leads to a more even skin tone that looks brighter and healthier overall.

Beautiful Skin Denver recommends ClearLift for dark spots because it's gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and requires very little downtime. Plus, it can be used in delicate areas like the upper lip and under-eye area. Clients in Denver, CO, can expect to see noticeable improvements after a few sessions, with full results showing within several weeks.

Is ClearLift safe?

ClearLift is considered safe for treating melasma and other hyperpigmentation concerns. The laser technology targets only the melanin while leaving surrounding tissues unharmed. This makes it a safer and more precise option compared to methods like chemical peels and harsh topical creams.

At Beautiful Skin Denver, our trained professionals will assess your skin and create a custom plan to ensure optimal outcomes. We also provide post-treatment care instructions to protect the skin and maintain your newfound outcomes. The good news is that the results from ClearLift are not only effective but long-lasting.

How can I keep melasma from coming back?

While laser treatments drastically reduce melasma, it's important to take steps to prevent the dark areas from returning. Beautiful Skin Denver recommends using broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, avoiding excessive sun exposure, and incorporating gentle skin care products into your routine. Additionally, managing stress levels can prevent melasma from recurring. Our team is always available to provide personalized advice.

Try ClearLift for melasma

Don't let melasma hold you back from feeling confident and radiant. Whether you have small dark spots or large patches of melasma, ClearLift can help you achieve smooth, even-toned skin. Say goodbye to temporary solutions and invest in long-lasting results at Beautiful Skin Denver. Trust our experienced team for safe, effective, and custom treatment options in Denver, CO. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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